Tuesday, March 22, 2011

{Wedding} Woodland Theme Inspiration

This theme inspiration comes from a whimsical invitation design that is a favorite of mine. The Woodland theme is great for an off the beaten track wedding, but can be incorporated for any soiree! Many things come to mind when I see these green shades...Fairies, red riding hood, Alice in Wonderland, and even the spider monkey scenes high in the hills of forks from Twilight (which we all know are really in Canada!). :) I see a red riding hood or woodland fairy party collection and or dessert table in my future. ;)

Also a woodland invite favorite of mine.

The celery green and pale purple with violet is gorgeous combined together. Fairy woodland!

The rocks make very fun and whimsical place holders or you could write numbers on them for the tables. Invites - Martha Stewart invites.

Beautiful posies with earthy tones. The green theme is also beautiful with a pale purple/violet color scheme as well!

A perky design...out of of the box and perfect for a woodland theme or any rustic theme...would be super also for a vintage barn or boathouse theme wedding or party.

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