Tuesday, August 30, 2011

{Parties} Eloise at the Plaza! Part 1 - Dessert Table and Hotel Registration

I am Eloise. I am Six....Oooooooo I absolutely LOVE the Plaza! The words of a beloved childhood book very near and dear to the hearts of many. When I asked our very own precocious little girl named "Liberty" what she wanted as a theme for her 6th Birthday....there was no question what it would be...she simply replied  “I am six, I love The Plaza, I want an Eloise Party.”  Liberty was also named after the famous statue that resides in NYC and we adore the Big Apple and the Plaza...Like Liberty's namesake (FREE)...she is one free spirit and daily reminds me of the Eloise character. :)

So...there you have it our theme...I set the creative wheels in motion drawing large illustrations, hours of design, baking and creating up a storm...we had a fun Eloise party for Liberty and her favorite friends....OH and a tissue box makes a very good hat. LOL...and in the words of Eloise...OH MY LORD there's so much to do...Tomorrow I think I will pour a pitcher of water down the mail chute! teehee.....Ooooooooo I absolutely love the Plaza! ps...Thank the Lord we do not own a mail chute! ;) I hope you enjoy our images. :) For more images check out our Eloise Party Feature on AMY ATLAS EVENTS BLOG! For all of the images for our Eloise Party....click for Part 1- The Dessert Table, Part 2 - Room Service & Hotel Room Bedscape & Part 3 - The spa, Party fun & Emergency hotel kits.

Eloise Do Not Disturb sign Invitation

The Dessert table.
I wanted to bring the story book to life with life sized Eloise drawings. One of my favorite pages of the book is the image of Eloise running down the hall!

Eloise themed dress cake with a custom cake topper. :) The skirt was made with chocolate fudge cake and rich chocolate fudge frosting with fondant, the shirt was vanilla cake with buttercream frosting and fondant.

Custom themed cookies from the Cookie Jar! Guests took home cello wrapped favor size cookies.

Vanilla cake pops with pink milk chocolate sitting on a bed of strawberry jelly belly. :)

Vanilla cupcakes with buttercream icing - with pink roses or course! Custom Eloise party circles.

Strawberry Soda with custom Eloise wrappers.

Other treats included stacked marshmallows dipped in milk chocolate with what else "pink" smarties and sprinkles...is there really any other color?!

Eloise flags on Striped Straws from In the Clear.

~Hotel Registration~
Table runner resembles the Rug at the Eloise Boutique in the Plaza Hotel.

Eloise peeking through the Plaza doors. :)
Ring for a drink!

Skipperdee standing guard of the Guest Registration and Hotel Key cards/charge cards!

Charge it! Famous words of Eloise! Guests received hotel room key cards/charge cards.  Guests went on a treasure hunt to find something they needed for their hotel stay...Slippers! They had to locate the slippers and match up their room number to the number on each pair! It was so much fun. The girls loved their slippers and got to take them home. :)

Many more images to come! Next up the hotel room bedscape/dining and Room service!


Party Styling, Decor and illustrations: Serendipity Soiree
Cake & Sweets: Serendipity Soiree
Custom Party Goods and Invitations: Serendipity Soiree
Custom Cookies: The Cookie Jar
Cupcake Containers: The Posh Box
Striped Straws: In the Clear
Photography: Hello Joy Studios (available @ Serendipity Soiree by request)


  1. ah!!!! i love it!!! how did you do all the custom cards backgrounds? ...so many questions.

  2. I see some of the items in youe etsy shop. will you have anymore of them?!..(i hope i'm not being annoying...its just so hard to find Eloise party supplies!)

  3. absolutely ask away! I know how hard it is to find Eloise...even toys...it's either the Plaza...or ebay for vintage and rare. :) The large backgrounds were all hand drawn illustrations. :) I have had many emails on the large dessert table backdrop. It was a large sheet of currogated plastic, hand painted stripes rolled on with a foam roller. I drew my favorite image of Eloise running down the hall and outlined it in Sharpie. Filling in with painted detail. A selection of custom printables will be available for purchase in the coming weeks. :) If there is anything you need before then just give us a shout. :)

  4. you are so creative!! I don't know if i would 've been able to do all this for Sarah...lol
    her birthday isn't till December but its easier(and cheaper) to be prepared early. I'm excited to see what else will be available. I have managed to find one other person that does the printables too. the problem for me is that it would actually end up being more expensive for me because then I'D have to go out and get cardstock, scissors, those special hole punchers. do you sell things already made??:)

  5. Hi!
    We are having a fundraiser for our Children's Museum and the theme is "Eloise in the City." We wanted to make charge cards or hotel keys to give the guests when they arrive with their auction numbers on them. Do you sell the ones you made? We would need roughly 150-200 cards. If you don't sell them can you give me some advice on how to make them?
    Thanks so much!

  6. @Edunnagan Sounds like a great fundraiser. :) We have been having alot of trouble replying to our blog. If you could shoot us a quick email via serendipitysoiree@gmail.com we can help you out further. Thank you!

  7. @inbliss Thank you so much! Send us an email via serendipitysoiree@gmail.com and we can help you out with all of your questions. :)

  8. Really sweet! My Granddaughter enjoyed reading your blog post with me today. Thanks for sharing.

  9. awe thank you...that is so sweet! We are so glad. :)


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