Sunday, May 29, 2011

{DIY} Cabinet Makeover - From Drab to Fab!

Ok...we have all seen those Basic Melamime cabinets. Basic white with basic plastic handles. They were quite popular back in the 80's! Before you call the cabinet professionals for a complete kitchen renovation...check out this nifty tutorial. You can take these cabinets from drab to fab in some very easy steps and inexpensively!

So here are the culprits! LOL. Basic White plain cabinets.

The before cabinet in the laundry room. Also a plain white wire shelf that will get a facelift.

Cut a piece of bead board to fit your cabinet - available from your local lowes or home depot. They can also cut to fit if you bring them the dimensions for a very small fee. Wood glue the beadboard to the door and hold in place with a clamp. Dry for 30 mins +. 

Once dry, add trim of choice around door cut to fit. Lattice molding was used in this tutorial. There are many molding choices you could use. Glue and clamp again as before. I would go a step further and use a small finishing nail around all trim with a nailer if you have one.

Once everything is dry, caulk any uneven spots and give it a good sand. Prime with a good primer and paint with your choice of color. In this tutorial white was used. You could use any color. We like Behr paints with teflon.

Here is what the finished product looks like! You would never know they were basic boring melamime! *TIP* If you love the antique vintage look. Use an off white or cream based paint and rub an antiquing glaze into the cabinet corners and cracks for an aged look! Ralph Lauren has a lovely line of glazes. You can also use a punch and add worm holes randomly on the trimwork before glazing. You boring cabinets will look like a million bucks. For the more adventurous...these would look fabulous painted black, and antiqued by using a small palm sander or hand sander to lightly sand around trim work to add aged details. If doing black a thin coat of varathane is recommended. Dont' forget to add some new beautiful door knobs!

A boring wire shelf is hidden with a small piece of molding. Brilliant.

Love the jars for holding bounce sheets!

adapted from loving your space.


  1. We have those boring melamine cabinets in our laundry room, and they're quite worn. I can see doing something like this. I'm wondering if the hinges can handle the extra weight on the doors?

  2. Most of the malemime cabinets have those really heavy duty inside hinges. They can take quite a bit of weight...We have them on our hickory doors and previously on solid cherry. :) bead board is pretty light weight in small sections and the thin trim would be light weight especially if you work with pine. :) Hope that helps. I would definately use a nailer in addition. You would only need one at every corner of the trim work. You can get the small short finishing nails. :)

  3. How did you finish off the side/top edges so that it doesn't appear to be three layers of material? Great project!


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