Saturday, December 31, 2011

{Year in Review} Serendipity Soiree 2011

It is hard to believe that this is the last day of 2011! Where did the year go?! Although I have been designing for many many years...Serendipity Soiree has not even been in business for a full year ...just yet. But, it has been one amazing whirlwind of events since I started this little venture early spring. From projects, to friendships made, amazing surprises and shout outs along the way. This has been one year I will never forget.

I feel so blessed and am so thankful to those who follow us through our blog, facebook and all media. I appreciate all of your comments, likes, shares and shout outs more than you can imagine. I am so thankful for every order and project that we are a part of. Being a small part of someone's special day is an amazing feeling.

Here are some of the Highlights of 2011. Expect the post to be super I do not want to leave anyone out! We have had some pretty amazing opportunites and projects in such a short amount of time in business and lots of surprises. We look forward to an amazing 2012 with new business opportunities and collaborations, lots of new collections in our shop, and alot of party inspiration. I love vintage and you can expect to see lots of throwbacks to the yesteryears in my parties and paperie for 2012.

In the New Year we are very excited to be introducing a brand new blog face! Super over the moon thrilled for the launch! I am hoping to make Serendipity Soiree more of a full-time venture for 2012..."Well now"....I guess I just found me my resolution! From the Serendipity Soiree family to yours...we wish you nothing but the best that life has to offer for 2012! Cheers!

Where to start? hmmm...we simply adore the plaza....

Our Eloise at the Plaza Party we threw for our daughter's 6th birthday...was a huge highlight for us! She love's Eloise and her day was enjoyed so much by all! But nothing prepared us for the shout outs that would follow....

We worked with Lisa and Ira from the "Cookie Jar"...They ended up knowing exactly what I wanted! :) Amazing cookies received in lighting speed...and the yummy sugar cookie goodness...they did not last long!

 Seeing the party on Amy Atlas Events was for me...surreal. Amy is why I started Sweet tables in the first place. I was truly smitten after seeing her work. See our Eloise Party on Amy Atlas here! 

Then we were contacted by TLC's parentables! We were so thrilled to be included in their {10 absolutely amazing birthday parties) along with such amazing party talents Amy Atlas, Kate Lander's, Ander's ruff, pen paper flowers, The Tomkat Studio, Couture Parties and so many more! I adore all of the work that these ladies do! See our Eloise party on TLC's Parentables here! 

Loved seeing our Eloise party on Kara's Party ideas! Kara's is a go to site for amazing party inspiration! See our Eloise Party on Kara's Party Ideas!

One of my favorite websites that I am always honored to be included on...Catch My Party...Just adore Jillian...she is an amazing person. Check out our Party of the day for our Eloise Party. We were also lucky to win party of the Month of September at the Children's Party Network! CPN is the brain child of the fabulous Natalie from the Knock Knock Factory and Miss Glitter Queen Kristy from The Purple Pug and Kori of Paper and Pigtails. Such talented ladies.

We have enjoyed helping many others with Eloise themed parties, showers etc...and it has been nothing short of amazing. Which will bring me to a new feature in the new year...of one Eloise Lover named Sarah and her beautiful mamma Delia. :)

We took a Feb- March Break...and to a place we knew would give inspiration for our upcoming Harry Potter we packed up the little family...and headed to our favorite vacation spot...Orlando FL. To of course...The Wizarding World of Harry Potter...and many others...a couple of vacation photos.

butter beer...lived up to the hype!!!

The kids were beside themselves with the excitement!

Then dear old Mom and Dad were when we saw Jeff scoot out at the Daytona 500! We are big nascar fans. The transformers cast were also there...and then I was in Heaven...oh yes...Josh explanation needed! LOL!

Kids finally caught up with Marie...on our many was a first to see her. :)

Our Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was equally huge that we threw for our Son's 7th Birthday!  It was an absolute blast of a party and such fun to plan! Everyone had so much fun. I am always amazed at how many HP fans there are in the world. Our invitations are such a huge makes up 75 percent of our shops sales and hits! Every day for me...I am filling HP orders from our shop! Our Party and it's paperie landed on countless sites and etsy features. But two of my favorites remain...Party of the Day on Catch my party and we were so excited to have won Party of the Month at CPN!

A selection of photos from our HP Party...all of the images are available on this blog.

Our Harry Potter Collection brought us fun custom orders and projects. We were excited to do some custom work for the Beautiful and amazingly talented Kiss me Kate for her own son and nephew's Potter Party. Check out some of the cute magic she conjured.

some of the custom printables we created.

One of my favorite images from a Clients party...Sue R's party for her much fun. All of the images for Sue's Party are featured on our blog.

This Year seemed to be the year of the "mini dessert table" for Serendipity are some of our favorite images....It all started with Easter.

Spring also Brought another "Mini Dessert table" a Barbie inspired table for our daughter's real birthday...we always throw on the actual day on a small scale...and then the larger event with friends. :)

We took some personal time off in September and took the family to a Resort in Cuba for some R&R...and I was a little too relaxed for me...I could not wait to get back to my go-go way of life...that I thrive on! I have never been able to do all-inclusives...I like to see the real culture, taste the food, mingle with the locals and see what a place is really like.

heading out for a la carte - Italian

Kids all ready for a la carte. :)

Enter Fall and Halloween...and another "Mini dessert table" our Vintage Black and White Halloween table. This inspired our "Witches Brew Halloween Collection" that we did for Catch My party.

Thanksgiving and Halloween brought inspiration for another fantastic feature on Amy Atlas Events! Our "Give thanks" table was featured on Remembrance day...and we were completely honored. See our "Give Thanks" feature on Amy Atlas here.

I adored that Donna of Party wishes ordered our Little Jane Baker Collection. Here are a few favorites from her daughter's Little Miss Homemaker party.

We were excited to have played a small part of some amazing charities including the Crafty Ladies movement and random acts of kindness throughout the year...a big part of my life. There is nothing more rewarding then the feeling of helping another in whatever capacity possible.

And Here we are at December. It started off great...we had our largest giveaway ever...and were so excited for the winners of 2 gorgeous large coach totes. Do of Piggy Bank Parties was the winner of one...Love following her daily dose on facebook...she is the queen of parties on a budget.

We had many plans for December...a large Christmas party with a Dear Santa North Pole theme in Red and Aqua, a trip to FL and NYC to spend Christmas with both sides of our families....celebrating a few milestone birthdays along the being my Mom's 60th and my Sister's 40th at the HRC and WDW. But "life happens when you are busy making other plans". We had a last minute move come up and Mr. Serendipity got delayed in the UK which pushed everything behind even more. We had to cancel all plans...we literally moved into our house 2 days before Christmas... shopped the day before Christmas for everyone, put up the tree and wrapped everything. Yet I knew that I would not panic...because I always know with me...if there is a will there is a assured I would make it happen...and I did. Talk about last minute! We had some emergency visits to the ER...happy to report all is well now. In the midst of all this madness...I managed to finish our Holiday Collection for Jillian at Catch My Party...and it looked a little something like this..."Our Jingle all the way" Collection.

What a year! Good and Bad...I will take it! But I am happy to see 2011 go. Beyond excited to Welcome 2012! I can't wait to see what surprises await!

A huge thank you to all friends of Serendipity Soiree...all of the vendors, followers, clients and companies who have made this year all possible! To my little family for having the patience with me and my overactive mind that never shuts off....all of my love. Catherine

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