Tuesday, August 30, 2011

{Amy Atlas Guest Feature} Our Eloise Party featured on Amy Atlas Events!!!

So giddy with excitement to have our Eloise at the Plaza party featured on Amy Atlas Events today!!

There are no words! All I can say is...it's that moment in life...that makes everything you worked hard for worth while (other than the birth of our Children! :) )...and then you are running to the tell the favorite people in your life "We are featured on AMY ATLAS!!!" I love Amy and all that she does. I found her gorgeous dessert tables by chance...and it gave me the inspiration I needed to take my ideas and graphic arts in a whole different direction! You could say by Serendipity! HUGE thanks to Amy who inspires me and so many people everyday and especially for featuring our Eloise party!  Click here for our Amy Atlas Feature!!!

My Amy Atlas Moment: (excerpt from Amy Atlas)

We are in love with this Eloise spa-jama party that Catherine at Serendipity Soiree created for her daughter Liberty’s birthday.  When Liberty was asked what kind of party she wanted, she simply replied, “I am six, I love The Plaza, I want an Eloise Party.”  Catherine creatively transformed her home into a hotel. Upon arrival, guests registered at the “hotel” and were given room keys/charge cards with room numbers. The backyard was transformed into a hideout with a spa table where the girls decorated their nails, received facials/masks, and had their hair painted with pink streaks. The dining area was set up with a fabricated hotel bed tablescape.  How great is that?  Each place setting had a room service card so “hotel guests” could choose what they wanted, including croissants and mini waffles with sprinkles. The dessert table featured a home made Eloise dress cake, cupcakes and cakepops, strawberry soda, and custom cookies from the cookie jar.  Guests took home slippers, purses filled with candy makeup, and an Eloise Emergency Hotel kit (filled with a boa, sunglasses, lipgloss, nail polish and a do not disturb eye mask). Liberty must have felt like she owned the top floor to the Plaza that day!

For all of the images for our Eloise Party....click for Part 1- The Dessert Table, Part 2 - Room Service & Hotel Room Bedscape & Part 3 - The spa, Party fun & Emergency hotel kits.

To the fab vendors who contributed to our dessert table many many thanks...The Cookie jar for their cookies that worked out perfectly in the final design, the Posh box for their adorable cupcake containers and Blue Moon studios for their bunting that I absolutely adore...it brought together two colors so well red and pink!


  1. super excited to see the rest!!! I'm planning an Eloise birthday party in December for my little girl!!!

  2. That is awesome...it is such a fun theme! There were a ton of images taken...it is hard to choose which ones to post! :)

  3. Hi, I am so inspired by you beautiful party theme that I am doing one for my little girl. I would like to do a craft with the girls. does anyone have any ideas?


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