Tuesday, March 15, 2011

{Down the rabbit hole} An Alice in Wonderland Party

We are huge Alice in Wonderland fans...and with the premiere of the new Alice and wonderland...it was an easy choice for our 5 year old's big Birthday Soiree! Hope you enjoy these images as much as we enjoyed creating this party! We mixed ideas from the Disney cartoon and Tim Burton's version. It all started with this fun DIY card invite rolled up and inserted into a bottle like the one alice floated within in the disney classic. Creating the invitations for my parties is my favorite part. :)

Needless to say after all the silliness, cake, pinning the smile on Ches, pink flamingo croquet we were all "gone around the bend" as the Mad hatter would say. :)


  1. Love it! Where can I buy the invites?!!!

  2. The Alice Card Invititation will be available in my Etsy Shop June 2011. :)


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