Sunday, March 20, 2011

{ Bento } Gear + Inspiration + Kids Lunch

I would like to introduce you to a lovely piece of Bento Gear for kids lunches. The Goodbyn! The ultimate all-in-one lunch box for a waste-free lunch! Made of recyclable, and food-safe plastic. The reinvented lunch box for kids, parents and the planet. NEAT! Check them out!

Bento Lunch: Piggies in blankets with ketchup, apple slices, grapes, carrot muffin, drinable yogurt, mini ritz, and teddy grahams. Milk.

Goodbyn says:
We designed the Goodbyn line of lunchboxes to have ears or tabs at the top of the lunchbox to allow for easy opening.

Built-in handle
Easy for both kids and parents to carry!
Perfect for leftovers, apples, oranges, even a banana!
its stacked sandwich halves, bagel, pasta salad, chips, yogurt or cereal.
reat for dips, sauces, vegetables, crackers, nuts, berries, or dried fruit.

8-ounce bottle
Completely eliminates need for juice boxes. Pack juice, water, or even salad dressing for your salad!
Sticker set
Each Goodbyn comes with two sheets of stickers so the kids can make each lunchbox their own! 

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