Saturday, October 15, 2011

{Halloween} Get the Look - Fabulous Kid size Halloween Costumes!

Oh my word! Talk about Fabulous Costumes! You too can DIY these adorable kid size looks! Read on for the deets on how to re-create these darling Halloween get-ups with sources and diy tips or get budget friendly ready-made versions!

Superhero Girl

To re-create: Superhero costume (dress, cape, armbands, and socks) (customizable, starting at $160);, go-go boots ($28;

To get the look on a budget:  Wonder Woman costume ($25;

Bank Robber

To re-create: Sweater ($38) and jumper pants ($30;, Vans slip-ons($30;, wool beret ($10;, money bag ($22;, fingerless gloves ($12;

To get the look on a budget: Wear dark clothing and a mask ($7; Draw a dollar sign on a pillowcase and use it as your trick-or-treat bag.

Clark Kent

To re-create: Mod suit ($132;, French Toast oxford shirt ($15;, superhero pajama shirt (part of set, $36;, Jefferson shoes ($46;

Get the look on a budget: Child Clark Kent costume ($20;, Clark Kent glasses ($5;

FAIRY TALE - Swan lake

To re-create: Swan Princess costume (customizable, starting at $160) and headpiece ($50;, wings ($20;, Jefferies tights ($10;, Me Too shoes ($16;

DIY: Hot-glue white feathers onto a white tutu and mix it with a white leotard with ballerina slippers. Cut wings out of a poster board or foam board and glue on white feathers. Place the wings to child. Where the shoulders are, punch two holes about 6” apart from each other vertically. String elastic through for the arms to go through. Securely knot the elastic in the back of the board.

To get the look on a budget: Swan Lake Princess costume ($28;

FAIRY TALE - Little Red Riding Hood

To re-create: Hat ($22;, Mini Boden tank ($13;, Sofie skirt ($45;, Gingham skirt ($26;, Jefferies socks ($5;, Stella shoes ($50;

DIY: Match a white shirt with a checkered skirt, red argyle socks and a red scarf.
Get this look ready made: Red Riding Hood costume ($18;

Big Bad Wolf

To re-create: Wolf coat ($165;, Harem pants ($82;, boots ($40; Marshalls stores)

DIY: Cut out eyes, nose, and ears out of felt and hot-glue to the hood of a gray jacket. For added decoration, hot-glue a button on top of the felt for the eyes. Hot-glue 3 claws cut out of felt and hot glue onto the jacket’s cuffs. For the tail, hot-glue or sew a 1’ brown boa onto the bottom back of the jacket. Add pants, shirt and shoes from your closet.

To get the look on a budget: Wolf costume ($59;

Frog Prince

To re-create: Mini-crown ($20;, frog costume ($30;
To get this look on a budget: Wear green pajamas and Party King crown ($10;

CIRCUS - Tight-rope Walker

To re-create: Circus dress (customizable, starting at $160) and top hat ($45;, tights ($8;, Tara shoes ($52;

To get the look on a budget:  Leo's satin leotard ($15) and Natalie rainbow tutu ($11;, Colorful Fun mini-top hat ($15;

DIY: Pair a stripe tank with two bold-colored layered tutus over bright tights. For an extra touch, hot-glue feathers onto a cloth headband.

CIRCUS - Lion Tamer

To re-create: La Miniatura jacket ($150;, swimsuit ($30;, hat ($34;, Sofie tutu ($45;, Jefferies tights ($10;, Tonya boots ($69;

Get the look on a budget: Pumpkin Patch jacket ($37;, Ballet dress ($20;, top hat ($6;

DIY: Borrow a suit jacket from brother or find one at a thrift store and coordinate it with a skirt and boots. Wrap a hoola hoop with ribbon and secure every 5” with hot glue. Add Grandpa’s top hat for the finishing touch.


To re-create: Lion hat ($65;, unitard ($50;, slippers ($10;

Get the look on a budget: Lil' Lion Elite Collection ($36;

DIY: Draw claws with a sharpie on mittens that coordinate with a solid colored pajama set. For the mane, cut ribbon in 4” strips and hot glue ends (to make loops) to a brown beanie. Cover the beanie completely with ribbon loops.


To re-create: Brute singlet ($34;, tights ($9;, Bogs shoes ($45;, 4-inch belt ($17;, fingerless gloves ($12;, mustache (12-pack, $4;, Barbell made with 12-inch balls ($21 each;

Get the look on a budget: Strongman costume ($30;, barbell ($8;

DIY: Borrow a dance unitard or find one at a thrift store. Pair it with striped tights. Draw on a mustache with eyeliner. Wrap dad’s black belt around the waist. Buy an inexpensive black pair of black gloves at Target or Walmart and cut off the fingers.
  1. Use acrylic paint to draw a red star on two 12-inch Styrofoam balls ($21 each; Paint the rest of the balls silver and let dry. With finger, smear glue over the star and generously sprinkle red glitter on it. Once dry, shake the excess glitter off.
  2. Wrap a 30 inch long and 1 inch in diameter pvc pipe (from hardware store) with black ribbon. Hot glue ribbon to pipe every 2 inches.
  3. Stick one end of the pipe into each of the balls and generously hot glue the pipe in place.

To re-create: Clown top (customizable, starting at $65;, Glitter pants ($59;, wig ($30;, shoes ($17;

Get the look on a budget: Polka-dot skirt (as shirt) ($5;, two-color tights ($11;, clown shoes ($13;

DIY: Place a tutu around the neck so it hangs over the shoulders. Pair it with leggings and clown wig, red nose and funky shoes.

~ adapted from parenting


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