Sunday, October 23, 2011

{Christmas} The NEW Christmas Wish list- The Pinterest way! + HOT Holiday Toys 2011

Ahhhh... it's that time of year again. The new Christmas wish books have arrived, be it JCPenney or Sears. Your children are probably pouring over the newest hottest toys to add to their wish lists, just like we all did when we were little! Praying that they made it to the Nice list and the big guy himself will grant their hearts desire.

I am a huge fan of pen and paper...and stay true to vintage and days of old. My kids still write a wish list and leave it for Dear Santa to magically puff into thin air. But, it came to me yesterday...I pin everything else...why not my kids Christmas list! What a totally wonderful NEW way of doing Christmas wish lists this year...The PINTEREST way! For those of you who have not heard of is a fantastic website, where you can create boards and pin your favorite things by category in one handy place. People can follow your ideas and you can share them with anyone. But how about creating a handy board for everything your child wants for Christmas?! YES PLEASE! Not only can you pin your kids favorites by image, but when you use Pinterest's Pin it tool, it also adds a handy link to it's location on the net. The best can share your lists with all of your loved ones! There will be no questioning what little Johnny wants for Christmas! You can also access this handy list from anywhere! So next time you are in Toys R Us and think...oh darn I wish I took the kids list...well that is a thing of the past! Pull out your trusty iPhone and access your child's list straight from Pinterest! Now that is technology! So get pinning those lists...and checking them twice... so Santa will know who is naughty or nice! LOL! Visit our evolving Christmas Wish list for 2011 here!

Our 2011 Wishlist in it's beginning stages. :) age group 6 1/2-7 1/2 - Boy and Girl. :)

HOT TOYS LIST 2011 from Toys R Us

Click image for larger or visit here!

There are some pretty cool toys on the block for 2011. Voted favorites by my two kiddos, ages 6 1/2 and 7 1/2 from the Toys R Us Hot list and new toys are: Xia Xia - totally cute hermit crabs with interchangeable shells. They move around and are much like zhu zhus...but in Mom's opinion cuter. :). DaGeBar - My son totally wants these, they remind Mom of Bakugans...although these seem to have a point to them...after several years I have to admit I still don't know the "rules" of Bakugan. ;). Barbie is still one of the number ones for my daughter...this year Barbie princess charm school is the doll to have. :). My son as you probably know is a huge Harry Potter again this year it is all about Lego Harry.

My children love to collect vintage and retro toys like their they will likely be requesting those types of toys again this year. I love retro and it makes for an earth friendly gift and one to hand down over time as a collectible. Their favorites are original smurfs, charmkins - remember those?!!, cabbage patch figurines, old board games, books, retro polly pocket and anything from the 80's!

Follow our wish list for lots of ideas on Hot toys and gift ideas....I am sure there will be lots of pinning action in the next couple months!

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