Sunday, July 17, 2011

{Sneaky Peeky} Are you ready to get smurfed?! + a smurfy freebie!

Fa la la la la la Smurf the whole day long! Boy I lived for those words as an 80's child growing up with Saturday morning cartoons! I could not wait until Saturday morning to get my dose of the little blue elves! It was a ritual! I loved them and still do.

Being a lover of nostalgia and all things retro...I ran out when my children became old enough and bought whatever old copies I could find of the smurfs along with any toy I could find. LOL. It was an instant hit! My children fell in love...the kicker was none of their little friends knew what a smurf it made for some interesting playschool explanations.

We were thrilled to learn a few years ago that Sony would be bringing them back...which brings me to this post. It was long awaited but hitting the theatres this July 29th are our beloved little true blue friends...and we can't wait to get smurfed when the Smurfs get lost in our favorite city NYC!! Are you ready to get smurfed?! LOL

In honour of our blue buddies I am giving away a fun party circle freebie with the gang...and a sneaky peeky of our new smurfing rainbows collection with none other than Smurfette! The Full Collection will have 5x5 invites, party circles, hats, banners etc. Have a Smurfy day!

Now for the here for the high resolution file! Print, Cut and party!

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