Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{Parties} Eloise at the Plaza! Part 2 - Hotel Room Bedscape and Room Service!

Ooooooooo I absolutely love room service! They always know it's me and they say "Yes, Eloise?" And I always say "Hello, this is me ELOISE and would you kindly send one roast-beef bone, one raisin and seven spoons to the top floor and charge it please Thank you very much" :) You have to love Room service! Welcome to Part 2 of our Eloise at the Plaza Party! Here are the images of our Hotel Room Bedscape and Room Service! For Part 1 of our Eloise at the Plaza Party click here! For our Amy Atlas Eloise Guest Dessert Feature click here!

We transformed the dining area into a bed with an Eloise headboard from the book. The table was fitted out with bedding (pink of course) and a Room Service table at the foot.

Eloise and her headboard from the book. :)

Eloise and her self portrait. :)

Guest place settings.

Each guest had their very own place card/cupcake and stand.

Each place setting had a room service card so “hotel guests” could choose what they wanted, including croissants, mini waffles with sprinkles and whipped cream, chocolate covered strawberries, mini cinnamon rools, Strawberry milk and a buffet of cereal with pink marshmallows..

Mini waffles with custom toppers. :)

Each course of the breakfast Room service was set out here, on the folding Room Service Tray. :)

More images to come! Up next The Spa!


Party Styling, Decor and illustrations: Serendipity Soiree
Cake & Sweets: Serendipity Soiree
Custom Party Goods and Invitations: Serendipity Soiree
Custom Cookies: The Cookie Jar
Cupcake Containers: The Posh Box
Striped Straws: In the Clear
Photography: Hello Joy Studios (available @ Serendipity Soiree by request)


  1. Where did you find the cupcake holders? I've been searching for something like that!

  2. Thank you for reaching out via etsy. :) So glad we could help. The posh box by Chanel is a great all of her goodies. :)


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